Food styling | Recipe testing | Recipe development

Food Styling: Waitrose Food, Olive Magazine, BBC GF Magazine, The Guardian, Co-op Magazine, Tesco, Lidl, Ryvita, National Geographic Food, Weight Watchers Magazine, Mail on Sunday, Jordans, Octopus, Hodder & Stoughton, Quercus Books, Lancashire Farm, Eat17, Seafish, Baileys, J20

Recipe Testing: Waitrose, Absolute Press, Jamie Oliver ltd, Olive Magazine, BBC Good Food, Asda Magazine, Sunil Vijayaker

Recipe development: Ryvita, Waitrose Food, Sainsburys Magazine, Lidl, Coop, Mail on Sunday, Asda Magazine, BOSH, We Are Delightful

Assisting: Jamie Oliver Ltd, Sunil Vijayaker, Nico Ghirlando, Debbie Miller, Kelly Bowers, Rosie Scott, Lizzie Harris, Emily Kydd, Sal Henley, Tanya Sadourian, Lisa Harrison, Katy Greenwood, Kat Mead, John Bentham, Henrietta Clancy,  Kim Somauroo, BBC Good Food, Phillipa Spence, Myles Williamson

Home Ec: The Big Feastival, Taste of London

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